Soell works on product/interior design and the design of their surrounding environment.

We explore free ideas and expression by changing our perspective on the relationship between objects and space, moving back and forth between micro and macro scales, and always provide flexible designs that are more in line with the project.

Soell inc.

Business Description

・Design and supervision of products and furniture

・Design and supervision of spaces and exhibitions

・Planning and direction related to product and space design

Establishment of Company

・February 2022


Tomoki Doi

2008  Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School

2010- Established ANDASSOCIATES

2014- Part-time Lecturer at Kuwasawa Design School

2020- Part-time Lecturer at Showa Women’s University

2022- Renamed ANDASSOCIATES to Soell inc.

Awards & Exhibitions

2017 SADECO Upcycle Project Exhibition / Tokyo

2018 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo / Tokyo

2018 Experimental Creations / Tokyo

2018 IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living / Tokyo

2019 Milano Salone Satellite / Milan Italy

2020 NEW NORMAL, NEW STANDARD / Tokyo, Osaka

2021 NEW NORMAL, NEW STANDARD 2 / Tokyo, Osaka

2021 Design Pier JAPAN INGENIOUS / New York USA

2022 NEW NORMAL, NEW STANDARD 3 / Tokyo, Osaka

2022 Sky Design Awards Product Design BRONZE


2023 A’ Design Award and Competition Furniture Design Award BRONZE