A small and easy-to-use table inspired by the shapes of fungi on dry vegetation

Our approach to the fungi table design is based on the idea that the table legs create the tabletop.  This is contrary to the normal design process, where the legs only exist to support the tabletop.  Starting from there, we moved on to mushrooms being nourished by dry vegetation as the source of our inspiration and to design a table where the tabletop grows from its wooden legs.

The tabletop design is intentionally kept small for its legs in order to be able to place several of the same tables together in a group of mushrooms.  Magnets embedded at the end of each leg make it easier to connect the tables with each other, where as the crisscross legs are of different heights as well as non-geometric to allow the user to create many different arrangements.  The low table replicates mushrooms growing vigorously in an unexpected spot.