NEW NORMAL NEW STANDARD at Milan Design Week 2023

Utilizing the entire material down to the core

Given that the exhibition venue occupied a former restaurant with existing countertops and interior finishes, a delicate translucent mesh material was used to envelope the entire space to separate the exhibits from the surrounding noise.

Since the theme of this year’s exhibition was “Comfortably Prepared,” an approach to cope with risks such as disasters and infectious diseases while maintaining a fulfilling everyday life, the mesh around the exhibits depicted ” tranquility” with little movement and those between the exhibits portrayed risks and threats with “movements.”

Furthermore, the mesh is draped from the ceiling to the floor in a single stroke with minimal trimming and attached with tiny pins to create textual expression while facilitating easy removal and reuse.

When exhibiting overseas, transportation costs become an issue, and the volume of materials that can be used is often limited. To alleviate this problem, the fixtures were made from paper tubes initially inserted into the core of the mesh, thereby reducing components and creating a unique appearance through the combination of paper tubes and mesh twists.