Walking Trail Surrounded by Trees of Knits

The exhibition venue is a simple rectangular space typically used as an event space. Therefore, our focus became how to avoid creating a mundane spatial composition and connect it naturally with the joint exhibition, “biblioteca d’Oro.”

Through a collaborative effort with exhibitors Igarashi Seihako and KIPS, we used paper fixtures and scrap knit materials to compose a space. This space was based on the theme of a ‘walkway among trees,’ following the spatial concept of a ‘park.’

The paper fixtures were designed utilizing a mold of an existing product with details adjusted to suit this exhibition by deliberately slicing the top edges diagonally to feature the material and achieve simplicity.

Moreover, a frame-like effect was achieved by applying the same cutting technique to the panels suspended from the ceiling. The knitted fabric was hung directly from the ceiling without slitting it open to create an organic, tree-like effect.